Hotel Rialto

BC Ciders & Coolers

Ciders, coolers, pre-mixed cocktails and more - all made with BC ingredients, all refreshing and ready to drink.

Refreshing and ready to drink.

  • Ciders (Large Format)
    Bricker Cider Brett Barrel-Aged Cider750ml$25.00
    Creek & Gully Pét-Nat750ml$25.00
    Creek & Gully Sparkle750ml$26.50
    Dominion Pretty to Think So750ml$20.05
    Merridale Yule Fuel Mulled Cider750ml$25.00
    Nomad Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Cider750ml$25.00
    Salt Spring Wild Cider Dry750ml$16.00
    Salt Spring Wild Cider Plum750ml$17.50
    Sea Cider Ginger Perry750ml$19.00
    Sea Cider Kings & Spies750ml$18.50
    Sea Cider Pippins750ml$18.50
    Sea Cider Rum Runner750ml$18.50
    Sea Cider Wolf in the Woods750ml$18.50
    Twin Island Traditional Method750ml$37.00
    Bricker Cranberry Hopped Cider500ml$9.50
    Dominion New World Perry500ml$9.75
    Nomad Cider Apfelwein500ml$11.00
    Raven’s Moon Chai Tea Cider500ml$9.00
    Scenic Road Peary500ml$10.00
    Scenic Road Razz Raspberry Cider500ml$9.25
    The BX Press Overlander500ml$10.50
    The BX Press The Hostler500ml$9.00
  • Ciders (Small Format)
    Dominion Ginger Apple473ml$6.25
    Lone Tree Dry473ml$4.00
    Persephone Dry-Hopped Cider473ml$5.25
    Salt Spring Ciderworks 365200ml$6.50
    Salt Spring Ciderworks Bill Blaxton200ml$6.50
    Salt Spring Ciderworks Golden Harvey200ml$6.50
  • Cider 4 & 6-packs
    Naramata Cider Co. Pear4x473ml$17.00
    Soma Apple Cider4x330ml$12.25
    Soma Oak-Aged Apple Cider4x330ml$12.50
    Dukes Cider6x330ml$14.00
    Lone Tree Dry Cider6x330ml$14.50
  • Coolers (Single)
    Arizona Spiked Green Tea473ml$4.00
    Crazy Barista Hard Coffee Fizz473ml$5.00
    Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer473ml$5.00
    Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash473ml$4.50
    Georgian Bay Vodka Smash473ml$4.50
    The Pop Shoppe Cream Soda473ml$4.00
    Provincial Blood Orange Vanilla Carda.341ml$5.50
    Provincial Cranberry/Mint/Orange341ml$5.50
    Provincial Yuzu Cherry Blossom341ml$6.00
    Provincial Gin & Grapefruit1.14L$15.50
  • Coolers 6 & 12-packs
    Hey Y’all Original6x330ml$16.00
    Nude Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda6x330ml$15.50
    Nude Gin Soda Lemon6x330ml$15.50
    Nude Tequila Soda Lime6x330ml$17.25
    Nude Tequila Soda Pineapple6x330ml$17.25
    Nutrl Vodka Soda Lime6x330ml$15.75
    Nutrl Vodka Soda Pineapple6x330ml$15.75
    Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry6x330ml$14.00
    Palm Bay White Peach Tangerine6x330ml$14.00
    Pyur Raspberry Vodka Soda6x330ml$14.50
    Wize Vodka Soda Lemon6x330ml$15.75
    Wize Vodka Soda Lychee Lime6x330ml$15.75
    Wize Vodka Soda Root Beer6x330ml$15.75
    Hey Y’all Origiinal12x330ml$30.00
    Nutrl Vodka Soda Mix Pack12x330ml$33.00
    Pyur Vodka Soda Mix Pack12x330ml$28.00
    Wize Vanilla Cola6x335ml$15.75
    Wize Mix Pack12x335ml$33.00

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