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BC Craft Beer

Pilsners, Pale Ales, and Porters-a-plenty; B.C. breweries make everything from classic styles to libations that push boundaries and redefine what "beer" means. We carry a cross-section of what makes the brews from this province so popular.

BC Craft Beer

  • Single Cans
    Andina Brumosa Hazy IPA473ml$4.50
    Andina Piñata Hot Pepper Pineapple IPA473ml$5.00
    Bad Dog Sunny’s Day Hazy IPA473ml$4.50
    Bridge Brewing Dark Side of the Saison473ml$5.00
    Bridge Brewing The Dude White Stout473ml$4.50
    Category 12 Wild IPA473ml$4.50
    Doans Dig It Hazy IPA473ml$4.50
    Dogwood Organic Amber Ale473ml$4.50
    Driftwood Fat Tug IPA473ml$4.25
    East Van Brewing Wheelbite IPA473ml$5.00
    Fernie Brewing What the Huck Wheat Ale473ml$4.00
    Four Winds Nectarous Sour473ml$5.50
    Ile Sauvage Raspberry Sour473ml$5.50
    Mariner Brewing Blueberry Sour473ml$5.00
    Mariner Brewing NE IPA473ml$4.75
    Moody Ales Lavender Sour Gruit473ml$4.25
    Moon Under Water Moon Juice Sour473ml$4.50
    Mt. Arrowsmith Blonde Ale473ml$4.00
    Mt. Arrowsmath Jagged Face IPA473ml$4.50
    Persephone Kelp Gose473ml$4.50
    Phantom Strata Conflict IPA473ml$5.50
    Phillips Blue Buck473ml$3.75
    Phillips Pandamonium Super IPA473ml$5.00
    Phillips Sonic Boom Hazy IPA473ml$4.50
    Powell Vices Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout473ml$5.25
    Ravens Daydreaming Passionfruit Sour473ml$4.50
    Russell Brewing Schnapsidee Pilsner473ml$3.50
    Salt Spring Heather Ale473ml$4.00
    Small Block Brewing Ms Lead Stout473ml$5.00
    Steel & Oak First Press Cold Brew Stout473ml$4.50
    Steel & Oak Rauchbier Smoked Lager473ml$4.50
    Steel & Oak Red Pilsner473ml$4.50
    Steel & Oak Shiny Things IPA473ml$4.50
    Steel & Oak/2Crows Nouveau Pale Ale473ml$5.00
    Steel & Oak/Twin Sails Natural Charm473ml$5.50
    Strathcona Love Buzz Sour473ml$5.00
    Townsite Passionfruit Gose473ml$4.50
    Vancouver Island Beachcomber Hefe473ml$4.00
    Yellow Dog Chase My Tail Pale Ale473ml$4.50
    Yellow Dog High 5 Hazy IPA473ml$4.50
  • Bombers (650ml)
    Bridge Atomic Joker Cherry Porter650ml$7.50
    Bridge Santa’s Sac Belgian Golden Ale650ml$8.00
    Canoe Brewpub Baltic Porter650ml$7.00
    Canoe Brewpub Experimental Series ESB650ml$7.00
    Canoe Brewpub Experimental Roggenbier650ml$7.00
    Canoe Brewpub White IPA650ml$7.00
    Category 12 Transmutation Belgian Ale650ml$10.50
    Dageraad 8 Degrees Belgian Brown650ml$11.00
    Dageraad Categorical Imperative IPA650ml$8.50
    Dageraad Sri Lanka Dubbel w/ Tamarind650ml$8.50
    Dead Frog Reserve Commander Imp Stout650ml$10.00
    Driftwood Eccentricity Wheat Wine650ml$16.00
    Driftwood Fat Tug IPA650ml$7.50
    Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller650ml$15.50
    Driftwood Singularity Imperial Stout650ml$16.00
    Field House Meritage Stout650ml$10.75
    Fuggles & Warlock Destiny IPA650ml$8.00
    Fuggles & Warlock Valkyrie Vineyard Ale650ml$10.00
    Hoyne British Ale650ml$7.25
    Hoyne Dark Matter650ml$7.50
    Hoyne Helios Dortmunder650ml$7.50
    Hoyne Pilsner650ml$7.50
    Hoyne Vienna Lager650ml$7.25
    Lighthouse Cloudburst Hefeweizen650ml$8.00
    Mt. Arrowsmith Low Pressure Porter650ml$7.50
    Mt. Arrowsmith Pineapple Sour650ml$9.00
    Moon Under Water Cherry/Coconut Sour650ml$8.50
    Moon Under Water Seaberry Hazy IPA650ml$8.50
    Moon Under Water Year 7 Wheat Wine650ml$11.00
    Persephone Gingerbread Porter650ml$10.00
    Persephone Hop Yard Red Al650ml$8.00
    Spinnakers Barley Wine650ml$9.25
    Spinnakers Wee Heavy650ml$8.00
    Sooke Oceanside Bonfire Blonde650ml$7.25
    Sooke Oceanside Renfrew Red Ale650ml$7.50
    Sooke Oceanside Stiff Jab Pale Ale650ml$7.50
    Steel & Oak Marzen650ml$7.25
    Steel & Oak Nightcap Belgian Golden Ale650ml$8.00
    Steel & Oak X Townsite Brewing Co. Savasana650ml$8.00
    Steel & Oak/Powell Victor Barley Wine650ml$11.00
    Townsite X Yogn Tripel650ml$12.00
  • Individual Bottles
    Category 12 Anomaly Bourbon Dark Ale500ml$10.00
    Category 12 Archival BA Wild Double Ale500ml$13.00
    Category 12 Epiphany BA Red Sour500ml$13.00
    Category 12 Quantum Russian Imp Stout500ml$13.00
    Field House BRRL Room Sour Noir500ml$13.00
    Field House BRRL Room Sour Noir / Cacao500ml$13.00
    Field House BRRL Room Sour Noir / Pinot500ml$13.00
    Foamer’s Folly/SOV Amaretto Sour500ml$8.75
    Moon Under Water Farmhouse Gruit500ml$13.00
    Moon Under Water Old Man Coyote500ml$13.00
    Spinnakers Vitis Shiraz Sour500ml$12.50
    Steamworks Flanders-style Dark Sour500ml$10.00
    Steel & Oak Quinella Saison500ml$8.00
    Steel & Oak/HOF Foeder-Aged Golden Ale500ml$9.00
    Category 12 Convergence Winter Warmer750ml$14.50
    Four Winds Cherry Operis Brett Saison750ml$17.00
    Four Winds Cranberry Crabapple Sour750ml$17.00
    Howe Sound Wooly Bugger Barley Wine750ml$17.00
    Mt. Arrowsmith Brix & Plato Dubbel750ml$12.50
    Townsite Bois Sauvage Wild Ale750ml$20.00
    Townsite Bois Sauvage Assemblage500ml$13.50
    Townsite Lil Red 6.0 Flanders Red Ale750ml$16.50
  • 4-Packs
    Andina Raspberry Sorbet IPA4x473ml$19.50
    Bad Dog Brewing 6424x473ml$14.75
    Driftwood Fat Tug IPA4x473ml$17.00
    Driftwood Naughty Hildegard ESB4x473ml$17.00
    Driftwood Raised by Wolves Wild IPA4x473ml$17.00
    Driftwood White Bark Witbier4x473ml$15.00
    East Van Brewing Jive Farmhouse Ale4x473ml$18.00
    Ile Sauvage Imposteur Pilsner4x473ml$20.50
    Ile Sauvage Nordique Rye IPA4x473ml$20.50
    Lighthouse Black the RIPA4x473ml$17.00
    Lighthouse Ghost Ship Hazy IPA4x473ml$15.75
    Mariner Orion Lager4x473ml$14.75
    Moon Under Water Hip as Funk Farm IPA4x473ml$17.00
    Off the Rail Into the Black Oatmeal Stout4x473ml$15.50
    Ravens Brewing Valley of Beer Triple IPA4x473ml$19.50
    Russell/Coal Harbour Baltic Porter4x473ml$18.00
    Salt Spring Island Earl Grey IPA4x473ml$18.00
    Spinnakers Hull & Oates Pale Ale4x473ml$17.00
    Steel & Oak Seasonal Appeal ESB4x473ml$16.00
    Steel & Oak/Four Winds Vriendschap Stroom4x473ml$17.50
    Strathcona Brewing Headbanger Triple IPA4x473ml$19.00
    Townsite Brewing Suncoast Pale Ale4x473ml$16.50
    VI Brewing Cherry Cola Marzen4x473ml$16.50
    Yellow Dog Bow Wow Brown4x473ml$17.00
    Four Winds Norwood Norwegian Farmhouse4x330ml$18.50
    Four Winds Operis Brett Saison4x330ml$18.50
  • 6-Packs
    33 Acres of Darkness Schwarzbier6x330ml$16.00
    33 Acres of Ocean Pale Ale6x330ml$16.00
    33 Acres of Sunshine Witbier6x330ml$16.00
    33 Acres of Sunshine Witbier (Cans)6x335ml$16.00
    33 Acres of Nirvana IPA6x330ml$17.50
    Andina Totuma Kolsch6x330ml$16.00
    Bridge Brewing Primetime6x330ml$16.00
    Bridge Brewing Primetime IPA6x330ml$16.00
    Driftwood Fat Tug IPA6x330ml$17.50
    Driftwood New Growth Pale Ale6x330ml$15.50
    Four Winds Elementary Lager6x330ml$15.50
    Four Winds Featherweight Session IPA6x330ml$15.50
    Four Winds La Maison Saison6x330ml$15.50
    Four Winds Vélo Pale Ale with Lemon6x330ml$15.50
    Fuggles & Warlock Kiwami Plum Sour6x330ml$16.50
    Hoyne Dark Matter6x330ml$16.75
    Hoyne Down Easy Pale Ale6x330ml$16.50
    Hoyne IPA6x330ml$16.50
    Hoyne Pilsner6x330ml$16.00
    Lighthouse Company Lager6x330ml$12.00
    Lighthouse Race Rocks Amber Ale6x330ml$15.75
    Lighthouse Shipwreck IPA6x330ml$16.00
    Persephone Pale Ale6x330ml$15.00
    Phillips Blue Buck6x330ml$15.25
    Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA6x330ml$15.75
    Phillips Glitter Bomb Hazy Pale Ale6x330ml$15.25
    Phillips Pheonix Lager6x330ml$14.00
    Phillips Pilsner6x330ml$15.50
    Red Racer IPA Tall Cans6x330ml$19.00
    Red Racer ISA Tall Cans6x330ml$17.00
    Riot Brewing Junk Punch IPA6x330ml$17.50
    Riot Brewing Life Partners Pale Ale6x330ml$17.00
    Riot Brewing Lipslide Lager6x330ml$15.50
    Slow Hand Pilsner6x330ml$16.50
    Steel & Oak Simple Things Pilsner6x330ml$18.00
    Tofino Brewing Blonde Ale6x330ml$15.75
    Tofino Brewing Lager6x330ml$15.75
    Townsite Vidal Lager6x330ml$16.50
    VI Brewing Faller NW Pale Ale6x330ml$15.00
    VI Brewing Victoria Lager6x330ml$14.25
    Whistler Gluten-Free Forager Lager6x330ml$19.00
    Whistler Gluten-Free Forager Pale Ale6x330ml$19.00
  • Mixed Packs
    Dead Frog Juice Box Sour Pack8x473ml$25.50
    Driftwood Hoppy Swash Box8x473ml$30.00
    Driftwood Golden Swash Box8x473ml$27.75
    Fernie Brewing Craft Collection12x330ml$28.00
    Fernie Hop Trick Mixer Sixer6x330ml$16.50
    Phillips Box Set12x330ml$28.00
    Phillips Hop Box12x330ml$30.00
    Phillips Octobox8x473ml$25.50
    Phillips Showcase12x330ml$30.25
    Steamworks Mash-Up Pack8x473ml$24.00
    VI Brewing Outpost Pack12x330ml$27.00

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