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BC Dessert/Fruit Wines

BC makes plenty of luscious and fresh dessert wines, Ice Wine, fruit wines, and mead to boot. We have a small but delicious selection of them for you to try.

Dessert wines for every occasion.

  • Dessert Wine
    Venturi-Schulze Brandenberg No. 32013$42.00
    Mission Hill Vidal Late Harvest2012$35.00
    Therapy Freudified Port-styleN/V$27.00
    Unsworth Ovation Port-styleN/V$30.00
  • Icewine
    Nk’Mip Cellars Qwam Qwam Riesling2016$85.00
    See Ya Later Ranch Vidal2018$48.00
    Beaumont Estate Pinot Noir2013$34.00
    Volcanic Hills Riesling2016$41.00
    Volcanic Hills Zweigelt2016$37.50
    Pentâge Frizzante Sparkling2013$60.00
    Quails’ Gate Riesling2017$54.00
  • Fruit Wines
    Sea Cider Blackapple JackN/V$23.00
    Sea Cider PommeauN/V$26.00
    Cherry Point Cowichan BlackberryN/V$30.00
    Rocky Creek Wild BlackberryN/V$29.00
    Elephant Island Framboise2017$27.00
    Elephant Island Apricot2016$22.50
  • Mead
    Tugwell Creek Vintage Sac2015$33.25
    Tugwell Creek Mad Marion2015$40.00
    Tugwell Creek Sin Cyser Sparkling2018$29.00
    Tugwell Creek Solstice Metheglin2017$26.50
    Tugwell Creek Harvest Melomel2016$24.00
    Tugwell Creek Wicked Mistress2017$25.50
    Meadow Vista Mabon MetheglinN/V$27.25

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