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BC Spirits (Small)

We have a wide selection of spirits made in BC that come in smaller sizes; some are bespoke smaller versions of the usual faire you know and love, and others are special limited releases.

Smaller sizes, big flavours.

  • Bruinwood Estate Distillery (Roberts Creek, BC)
    Chocolate Vodka375ml$34.00
    Espresso Vodka375ml$35.00
    Nucino Nouveau375ml$39.00
    Pechuga Espiritu375ml$62.00
    White Apple Rye Spirit375ml$42.00
    Quince Liqueur375ml$49.50
    Mandarin Vodka375ml$35.00
    Grapefruit Gin375ml$39.00
    Blackcurrant Gin375ml$39.00
    Vanilla Vodka375ml$34.00
  • Arbutus Distillery (Nanaimo, BC)
    Birch Liqueur375ml$33.00
    Blue Gin375ml$29.00
    Citrus Gin375ml$31.50
    Crème de Lavande375ml$29.00
    DBA Single Malt Whisky500ml$59.00
    Elderflower Liqueur375ml$29.00
    Forest Dweller Gin375ml$33.00
    Vanilla Liqueur375ml$29.00
  • Sheringham Distllery (Sooke, BC)
    Barrel-Aged Akvavit375ml$37.50
    Barrel-Aged Gin375ml$37.00
    Pacific Blackberry Liqueur375ml$31.00
    Chocolate Vodka375ml$31.25
    Coffee Liqueur375ml$29.00
    Kazuki Gin375ml$33.00
    Seaside Gin375ml$33.00
  • Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery (Vernon, BC)
    Cranberry Liqueur375ml$39.00
    Haskap Berry Liqueur375ml$46.00
    Huckleberry Liqueur375ml$52.00
    Old Italian Prune Brandy375ml$53.75
    Pear Eau de Vie375ml$47.00
    Raspberry Liqueur375ml$39.00
    Rhubarb Liqueur375ml$39.00
    Sea Buckthorn Liqueur375ml$52.00
    Taboo Absinthe375ml$59.00
  • Odd Society Spirits (East Vancouver, BC)
    Wallflower Gin375ml$27.75
    Bittersweet Vermouth375ml$26.00
    Commodore Single Malt Whisky375ml$40.00
    Crème de Cassis375ml$26.00
    Maple Whisky375ml$40.00
    Mia Amata Amaro375ml$26.00
    Prospector Rye Whisky375ml$37.00
    Salal Gin375ml$35.75
  • Sons of Vancouver Distillery (North Vancouver, BC)
    Blue Dry Curaçao375ml$26.50
    No. 82 Amaretto375ml$26.50
  • Wayward Distillery (Courtenay, BC)
    Barrel-Aged Gin375ml$50.00
    Drunken Hive “Rum”375ml$57.00
  • Devine Distllery & Winery (Saanichton, BC)
    Black Bear Spiced Honey “Rum”375ml$47.00
    Moderna Bianca Vermouth375ml$26.75
    Moderna Vermouth375ml$26.75
    Honeyshine Amber100ml$11.00
  • Maple Leaf Spirits (Penticton, BC)
    Cherry Liqueur375ml$44.00
    Canadian Kirsch375ml$49.00
    Maple Liqueur375ml$44.00
    Poire Williams375ml$49.00
    Skinny Pinot Noir (Grappa-style brandy)375ml$48.50
  • Tofino Distillery (Tofino, BC)
    Espresso Vodka375ml$27.00Jalapeño Vodka375ml$27.00Old Growth Gin375ml$28.00Rose Hibiscus Gin375ml$28.00West Coast Gin375ml$28.00
  • Mad Laboratory Distilling (Vancouver, BC)
    Kombucha Cordial Liqueur375ml$19.00
    Kombucha Cordial Liqueur50ml$5.00
    Mad Dog50ml$5.00
    Viking Vodka50ml$5.00
  • Stillhead Distillery (Duncan, BC)
    Apple Brandy375ml$43.757
  • Long Table Distillery (Vancouver, BC)
    Marc du Soleil (Grappa-style brandy)375ml$46.00

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