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BC Whites

BC whites can run the gamut from fresh and clean Pinot Gris through to vivacious Sauvignon Blanc and full-bodied creamy Chardonnay. We've curated a selection of some of our favourites for you.

White wines from across British Columbia

  • Chardonnay
    Kitsch Chardonnay2016$34.25
    Painted Rock Chardonnay2017$48.00
    Upper Bench Chardonnay2018$31.25
    Meyer Family Vineyards Micro Cuvée2016$73.00
    Meyer Family Vineyards McLean Creek2016$40.00
    Foxtrot Vineyards Chardonnay2014$55.00
    Tinhorn Oldfield Series Chardonnay2014$48.00
    Little Engine French Family Reserve2016$37.00
    Culmina Estate Dilemma2014$45.00
    Silkscarf Chardonnay2017$38.25
  • Other Whites (Single Varietal)
    Moon Curser Arneis2018$27.50
    Bench 1775 Semillon2016$26.00
    Bartier Bros. Semillon2016$28.00
    Tall Tale Wines Pinot Noir Blanc2018$22.00
    Kutatás Blanc de Noir2017$30.00
    Fitzpatrick “Unwinder” Ehrenfelser2018$25.00
    Fitzpatrick “Interloper” Gewurztraminer2018$23.00
    Tall Tale Wines Gruner Veltiner2018$28.00
    Summer Gate Kerner2018$26.00
    Ricco Bambino Muscat2018$37.50
    Bordertown Muscat2016$21.00
    Sea Star Ortega2018$28.00
    Little Engine Silver Sauvignon Blanc2017$37.00
    Roche “Arome” Schonberger2017$23.00
    Marichel Estate Viognier2016$28.00
  • Pinot Gris
    River Stone Pinot Gris2018$25.00
    Lakeside Cellars Pinot Gris2018$25.00
    Pentâge Pinot Gris2016$22.00
    Blasted Church Pinot Gris2018$27.00
    Liquidity Pinot Gris2018$25.00
    Rocky Creek Pinot Gris2018$25.00
    Roche Reserve Pinot Gris2015$33.00
  • Riesling
    Therapy Vineyards Riesling2017$30.00
    Synchromesh Stormhaven Riesling2015$38.00
    Intersection Estate Riesling2016$22.00
    Upper Bench Riesling2018$26.50
    Pentâge Winery Riesling2013$24.50
    Quails’ Gate Dry Riesling2018$22.00
    Tantalus Old Vines Riesling2014$42.25
    Monte Creek Reserve Riesling2018$30.00
  • White Blends
    Joie Farm Noble Blend2018$31.00
    One Faith Blanc2017$37.00
    Vignetti Zanatta DamascoNV$24.00
    Nk’Mip Cellars Dreamcatcher2018$21.00
    Terravista Figaro2017$30.00
    Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse2018$19.50
    Fitzpatrick Runabout White2017$18.00
    Sea Star Salish Sea2018$28.00
    Sea Star Stella Maris2018$29.00
    Intersection Viognier/Marsanne Reserve2016$23.00
    Pentâge Roussane/Marsanne/Viognier2013$32.50
    Bonamici Cellars Sauvignon Blanc/Viognier2016$27.00

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