Hotel Rialto

Domestic & Imported Beer

Beer from larger companies, produced domestically and imported from across the globe.

Domestic & Imported Beer


  • Single Tall Cans
    Cariboo Genuine DraftLager473ml$3.50
  • 6 Packs
    Bowen Island Artisan IPAIPA6 x 355ml$12.00
    Bowen Island Coastline Pale AlePale Ale6 x 355ml$12.00
    Bud LightLight Lager6 x 355ml$13.50
    BudweiserLager6 x 355ml$13.50
    Canterbury Dark MildDark Lager6 x 355ml$14.00
    Cariboo BlondeBlonde Ale6 x 355ml$11.50
    Cariboo GenuineLager6 x 355ml$11.50
    Coors LightLight Lager6 x 355ml$13.50
    Extra Old StockMalt Liquor6 x 355ml$12.00
    KokaneeLager6 x 355ml$13.50
    Labatt BlueLager6 x 355ml$12.75
    LuckyLager6 x 355ml$13.00
    Molson CanadianLager6 x 355ml$12.50
    Pabst Blue RibbonLager6 x 355ml$12.00
    Pabst Blue RibbonLager6 x 473ml$16.50
    Pacific PilsnerPilsner6 x 355ml$11.00
    Old MilwaukeeLager6 x 355ml$11.75
    Old MilwaukeeLager6 x 473ml$16.00
    Sneaky WeaselLager6 x 355ml$11.00
  • 8 Packs
    BudweiserLager8 x 355ml$18.50
    LuckyLager8 x 355ml$17.75
    Natty LightLight Lager8 x 355ml$16.00
    Pabst Blue RibbonLager8 x 355ml$16.00
    Pacific PilsnerPilsner8 x 355ml$14.25
  • 12 Packs
    Cariboo GenuineLager12 x 355ml$22.00
    Coors OriginalLager12 x 355ml$27.50
    Old MilwaukeeLager12 x 355ml$23.00
  • 15 Packs
    15 x 355ml$27.50LuckyLager15 x 355ml$30.50Molson CanadianLager15 x 355ml$29.50Pabst Blue RibbonLager15 x 355ml$29.50Pacific PilsnerPilsner15 x 355ml$27.50»


  • Single Tall Cans
  • 4 Packs
    GuinnessNitro Dry Irish Stout4 x 500ml$15.50
  • 6 Packs
    Asahi Super DryLager6 x 330ml$17.75
    BavariaLager6 x 500ml$17.00
    Birra MenabreaLager6 x 330ml$19.00
    CoronaLager6 x 330ml Bottles$19.00
    CoronaLager6 x 330ml Cans$19.00
    Dos EquisLager6 x 330ml$18.00
    HoegaardenWitbier6 x 330ml$19.50
    Kronenbourg 1664 BlancWitbier6 x 330ml$18.50
    LeffeBlonde6 x 330ml$18.00
    Michelob UltraLight Lager6 x 330ml$16.50
    Miller Genuine DraftLager6 x 330ml$16.75
    HeinekenLager6 x 330ml$19.00
    Pilsner UrquellPilsner6 x 330ml$17.50
    RadebergerPilsner6 x 330ml$18.00
    Red StripeLager6 x 330ml$17.50
    SapporoLager6 x 355ml$16.50
    Stella ArtoisLager6 x 330ml$19.00
  • 12 Packs
    CoronaLager12 x 330ml$36.00
    HeinekenLager12 x 330ml Cans$36.25
    Modelo EspecialLager12 x 355ml$28.25
    Stella ArtoisLager12 x 330ml$36.00

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