Where it all began

There once was a man with a dream

The Hotel Rialto is a family-owned boutique hotel and a heritage site in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. It was the hotel where Danilo Danzo stayed during his first trip to Victoria in the late 1960s.

A recent immigrant from Italy, Danilo realized the potential of the building’s location, and his dream was born. One day, he would buy the building and transform it into a love letter to his homeland, rich with Italy’s cuisine and fine elements of style. A lofty goal for a man who had little more than a gut instinct that this building could transform the neighbourhood.

Almost three decades later, Danilo’s dream was realized. His instincts were correct: the building revitalized the area, transforming the neighbourhood into a place for businesses to thrive and for locals to enjoy. The Danzo family still owns the hotel – an inspirational example of Danilo’s legacy of positive change and contribution to the community and City of Victoria.